Frequently Asked Questions

Who made this website and why?

The project of this website was originally conceived and created 100% by Maho (

During the first half of the year 2018 I was designing the base of the web and in June of 2018 was when I started doing it, little by little in my free time. I made this website to cover the need to have a site where you can see all the meeting raids without the problems of the Telegram, WhatsApp groups, etc. There are similar websites where they show all the gyms and pokestops but they have been endorsed by the blocking of the Niantic APIs.

What is the web for?

The idea of ​​this website is to centralize the stays to make raids in the same place instead of having to be in several groups of Telegram, WhatsApp, etc., and thus avoiding that they get lost in the multitude of messages in those groups or if they do not use those apps.

Copying the system they use in Telegram, here you can create meetings to make the raids selecting the Pokémon, the level of the raid, start and end time at which the raid is made, selecting if you are only going or accompanied, your team, your companion, etc.

You can also "follow" a gym to receive notifications when there are raids in that gym.

Why do I have to register?

Because it is the safest method for the security of the web and the content of it.

Is the website paid or does it have micro payments?

No, this website is totally free. You do not have to pay anything to use it.

Why is this website free and does not have advertising that finances it?

This website was created by hobby and to facilitate the creation of metting for the raids, and not for profit. Above all, you have a button for anyone who wants to donate what they want to help with domain and hosting expenses. The one who makes a donation will have a special mention in the acknowledgments.

Why is not the gym I'm looking for on the map?

As recently announced by Niantic, they removed APIs where you could get location information from gyms, Pokémon, pokestops, etc. You already realize that some websites and applications stopped working.

So now you have to add them by hand, but do not worry, you can add the gyms to the map yourself.

We have the help of the API of PokeNav that are providing gyms little by little but you can also add the gyms to the map if you don't see it what you want.

WARNING: This is an unofficial website and is not affiliated or associated with another company, so the gyms that you add here will not be reflected in the game. For the common good and for the good use of this website, please do not add fake gyms.

How do I add a gym to the map?

It depends on the device you use there are two methods:

  • From a mobile or tablet: Keep clicking on the map where you want to add the gym, you can adjust it by moving the map below before saving it.
  • From a PC: Click with the right mouse button, you can adjust it by moving the map below before saving it.

You also have the "Add gym" button in the upper right part of the map.

I want to create a raid but the gym is not on the map.

Before you have to add the gym to the map or wait for the API of PokeNav to provide it to us. See section How do I add a gym to the map?.

Can I remove or modify a gym created by someone else?

Yes, you just have to report it and we will take the necessary measures.

How can I help improve the web?

Go to the section Help us, there you will find all the information.

Is there an App on this website on Google Play or Apple Store or Microsoft Store?

There is not, there is only web version. But we're always willing to do it if there's someone willing to help do it on those platforms.


Thanks to Munty for the support and help he has given me during all this time in which I have been doing the web.